Stainless steel painting

Coating stainless steel technologies for the world’s most luxurious yachts has been a prestigious affair for our paint shop for over a decade. Just as recently, the painting of the enormous rotating head made of polished stainless steel for David Černý in Abu Dhabi.

The list of these yachts is long, and the overall weight of coated technologies is enormous. We can’t do without cranes and special trolleys. Trucks from us have transported over 150 tons so far.
The required paint thicknesses are very substantial, consisting of four layers, and must meet the most demanding criteria, including the absolute gloss of the entire surface.
Across the world’s seas sail ‘our’ superyachts – Topaz, Omar, Mistral, Golden Odyssey, Azzam, Vava II, Jupiter, Tatiana, My Thunder, Abe King, My Lightning, My Sassi, Opus, My Shu, My Coral, Mistral, and more.